Performance Scent Dogs Inc is a registry and a certifying organization for the amazing dog sport of scent detection. Any dog, at any age can learn to follow their nose to a target odor. It’s the same thing military and police dogs do when they hunt for explosives or drugs. All dogs, from Dachshunds to St. Bernards have an innate desire to hunt. Shaping the hunt drive into looking for a target odor is easy and lots of fun.

Dogs love scent work because they do a lot of the driving-they are the ones with the nose!! Can you imagine taking your dog to a big field and asking it to find one tiny scented cotton ball? How about hiding a scented cotton swab under a table and asking your dog to search the whole house to find it. It’s a great sport to burn off energy in an active dog, bring up confidence in a shy dog, keep an older dog sharp, and, most importantly, deepen the relationship between dog and owner.

PSD trials are designed to be fun for both the dog and handler. Find out more!