Frequently Asked Questions

What is the yearly membership fee?
Performance Scent Dog registers dogs, not people. There is no fee to be a member.
Alright smarty, how much to register a dog?
Dog registrations are a one-time $30 lifetime registration fee.
Does my dog have to be a purebred to participate?
All breeds and mixed breeds may participate.
I have a purebred Lithuanian Brown Bread Bear Dog who is intact. Can he participate?
Yes! All dogs may participate regardless of spay/neuter status.
My dog is 12 years old. Is she too old to start training for scent work?
Heck no!!! Vision and hearing may not be as sharp in the mature set, but often the sense of smell in dogs stays quite sharp. Also, you have the option of entering just one or two classes. This may be a better choice for older dogs so they don’t have to be at the trial all day.
I have never done scent work. How do I get started??
You have lots of options. Scent training is exploding in popularity. Contact your local dog training club and ask for options in your area. Check out the Fenzi Academy for online classes, especially if you are in an location without convenient scent work classes. There are several discussion groups on Facebook, including ours which is Performance Scent Dogs. You can also join our Yahoo group,, for more information.
My dog is afraid of some people and might suddenly bite. Is it still OK to enter a trial?
No. If you are concerned your dog may bite a person or another dog, is is not OK to participate in a trial. Dogs with mild reactivity such as occasional barking or growling may participate as long as you have control over them at all times. No special provisions will be made to provide for dogs who need extra space other than reminding handlers of common dog courtesy to not let their dog approach another leashed dog. However, your dog’s behavior is your responsibility at all times.

Some sites have more room than others and therefore are better choices for dogs with mild reactivity. If you have questions, please direct them to the trial host before you enter a trial.
Will the trial have indoor crating?
Please see the individual trial entry form. When available, indoor crating will be provided, but it is not guaranteed. Handlers should provide a waterproof barrier under the crate as well as a covering, if needed. Dogs who lunge or bark excessively in the crating area will be required to be crated in their car.
I am supposed to trial this weekend and my dog just came into heat. What do I do?
Your dog can still run at the trial. She must wear appropriate britches and run last in each class. Also, there will be a separate toileting area when possible. Please notify the trial host as soon as possible so the run order can be arranged to accomodate.
I have a dog with physical disabilities. Can he still participate?
Deaf and blind dogs may enter any TOT. Deaf dogs and dogs with some useful vision have no restrictions on trial participation. It is hoped that all dogs may participate but due to trial site conditions or logistics, some sites may be unsafe or impossible to access for certain dogs with disabilities. Because each trial site is different, check with the trial host with specific questions.
I have my super duper high level title in another organization. Do I have to start over?
Nope, see the rulebook regarding dogs with titles from other orgs for info. Generally, if your dog has the highest level title in any other scent organization, you may skip the Novice class and start trialing in PSD in Advanced.
More questions?