About Performance Scent Dogs

Performance Scent Dogs, Inc. (PSD) believes teaching dogs scent detection is an ideal way to develop better relationships between people and their dogs. PSD gives owners, from those who never thought they could try a dog sport to experienced handlers, the opportunity to compete in a supportive environment and achieve success through teamwork. PSD also encourages responsible pet ownership in the community by providing an enriching dog activity owners can train and practice anywhere. Trials are open to any breed or mix of dog and suitable for dogs over 10 months old through their golden years. Any kind of dog at any age can learn to be a scent dog.

Positive training is at the core of scent work training. Dogs have to be motivated to hunt and ignore distractions to find the hidden target scent. Handlers have to learn to read their dog’s sometimes subtle communication about odor and its location. Handlers also have to trust their dog because working with the dog as a teammate is the only way to achieve success.

PSD promotes the sport of scent detection to regular pet owners, dog sport enthusiasts, and detection professionals. PSD also supports any group of dog enthusiasts (dog clubs, training centers, or a group of friends) in hosting trials. The rules and regulations are designed to be flexible. PSD anticipates regular revision with input from participants as the sport continues to grow.

Our goal is to grow the sport of scent detection for the benefit of dogs and the people that love them.

Performance Scent Dogs, Inc.
P.O. Box 560022
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Kate Bigger, President